the Small Things

Don’t you love how the most simple decor can become the most striking? Sometimes it’s the little things right in front of you that can be a powerhouse of inspiration….if you just slow down long enough to notice them.

My family and I were lucky to spend Thanksgiving weekend at my Grandfather’s in Western Massachusetts this year. His backyard is full of rolling hills that lead up to acres of woodland where we loved to play as kids. The pace in Charlemont is much slower than city life and I always relish unwinding when I’m there.

Almost as soon as we arrived, we headed for the woods. I think it was my sister who noticed the mini pinecone first. So cute and little. Not willing to pull it off the tree, snapped a photo and we headed back to the house to prep for dinner.

After the meal, as the sun was quickly sinking, my mom and I headed back out to woods to gather pinecones (I was hoping to bring home a few of the regular sized ones). As we dug through the needles we noticed the minis sprinkled on the ground. We started collecting but didn’t have much time before it was too dark.

We went back to hunter-gather the next morning and even my sister helped….although not without a few eye rolls. Enough came home with me to fill this vintage Ball Jar and several small bowls. I love them even more now that they’re back in the apartment and we’re starting to decorate for the season.

What simple things give you joy around the holidays?


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