White Faux Taxidermy

Nature meets Design
I’ve always loved the unique look of antlers and mounted busts as wall decor. An instant statement-maker, they’re aesthetically striking, but I can never convince myself to make the leap. Even though I’m drawn to them, I always bypass the antler skull caps at Brimfield. There’s something unsettling about having a dead animal mounted in your home. Luckily White Faux Taxidermy has the perfect cruelty-free way to achieve a similar aesthetic effect (with a little added whimsy). Made of resin, a plant byproduct, their figures use no actual animal parts. The perfect solution! One of these lovely pieces will definitely be headed to my apartment but I’m having an impossible time choosing. Here are some of my favorites:

pink elephant head
The Ingrid | Elephant Head in Cameo Pink
I’m a sucker for this girly pink color and I absolutely love the tiny details and how realistic it looks. The elephant comes in a couple of great colors and is also sold as a set of three minis.

white moose with gold sparkles
The Alfredo | White Moose Head with Gold Glitter Antlers
In addition to different paint colors, sparkles can be added in gold or silver. They cost extra, but in my opinion they’re entirely worth it!

Bison Skulls
The Madison Bison Skull in Pink |  The Chalmer in Silver  | The Malm in Turquoise
I think these bison skulls would look great hung within a cluster of frames. If you want to go for the realistic look you can opt for the Ludmilla in white – which would look fantastic against a dark wall. You can also get playful with some of the other punchy colors available like turquoise, red, or neon green.

deer head with seafoam green antlers
The Isabella | White Stag Deer Head with Seafoam Green Antlers
Between the Forest, Safari and Ocean categories there’s an endless number of fun options but I would have to say the stag is my favorite. I can just see the deer hanging in the entryway and tossing my scarf over it when coming home from work in the winter. I’m still undecided about which color combo is my favorite…but it’s a good dilemma to have.

If you can’t find your perfect color combination on their site, White Faux Taxidermy has an Etsy shop as well and is willing to work with you to customize a piece. Would you consider hanging one of these statement pieces on your wall?


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