Croquet Ball Candlesticks

vintage croquet balls
I picked up this set of croquet balls last September at the Brimfield Antique Show and knew they were destined for a DIY project. This weekend after some quality shop time with my Dad they’ve been transformed into a candleholder – and the result is even better than what I’d envisioned.

wood shop
My Dad and I make a great team, if I do say so myself. I work out the design and he manages the logistics. This project actually required a custom made piece to make sure the croquet balls were held in place, and we cranked once we had the system down. I’m not super helpful in the shop since I don’t know my way around the equipment, but I try to provide moral support!

vintage croquet ball
We shaved a small portion off of one side to create a base so that the ball could sit flat, and then drilled a hole in the top for a candle.

croquet ball centerpiece
After the board was cleaned up and sized, we spaced the croquet balls and screwed them in. I think the bright colors are so appealing and love the scuffles and imperfections. It’s fun to think about who might have used the croquet set and the life it’s had.

croquet ball candlesticks
Here’s some shots of the finished product. I’m so pleased that we gave these guys new life and I can’t wait until they grace my dinner table. I think they’re so playfully preppy!

croquet stripe
I wish I could claim the idea was 100% original but it was this HGTV Trash to Treasure post that got the wheels turning. I’ll certainly be doing other variations of this project in the future!


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