Bunny Love: Fifi Lapin

Fifi Lapin
Badder than the Easter Bunny and with a much better bag. I’ve been in love with Fifi Lapin ever since I laid eyes on her in 2011. A French bunny fashionista? How could you not be smitten?

Here’s her wonderfully witty back story…

Hi, I’m Fifi Lapin…  I was born one of 257 brothers and sisters but when I was only a year old a tragedy struck our little family. There was an outbreak of myxomatosis and I was the only one of the brood to survive. My parents are therefore incredibly protective of me and can’t help but spoil me rotten. 
I’m an hare-ss to my fathers fortune which he made playing fast and loose with carrot and lettuce shares on the international stock market. There are a lot of rabbits out there eating carrots and lettuce so I guess he just struck gold (or orange you might say). Some people think I’m just a social butterfly but I think there is more to me than just an extremely stylish clotheshorse!

Fifi in Betsey Johnson
Fifi is often pictured wearing garments from top fashion designers, right off the runway. She has her own book, called “What Shall I Wear Today?” and other fun things like printed scarves and coffee mugs. You can also get limited edition prints of the Fifi sketches. I was thrilled to get a print called “the swing coat,” from my boyfriend at Christmas 2 years ago. I enjoy saying hi to Fifi every morning on my way out the door. You can see more at Fifi’s blog here.

Fifi LapinAre you a Fifi fan?


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