Bring In Spring! Small Interior Touches

spring decor
Here in Boston we got our first real taste of spring on Monday when temperatures were in the high 50’s. It’s been a long winter and it was like the whole city of Boston collectively came out of hibernation. Feeling the heat of the sun definitely lifts your spirits and can inspire changes in your space.

vintage Ball jars
Every year (right around the same time that the spring cleaning bug hits) I get an urge to buy a zillion house plants and bring out my brightest bowls. These Ball jars are one of my favorite vintage purchases and make for laid back vases in the spring and summer. Around Easter floral selections improve and bouquets are reasonably priced after the holiday. I recommend Trader Joe’s for an inexpensive bunch — a lot of flowers are just $5.

spring succulent
It’s becoming a tradition that each spring I buy myself a new succulent for my work space. This one is “Pachyveria glauca” meaning “Little Jewel.” Succulents are good air purifiers and are relatively simple to care for. I love the blu-ish tones in this one!

I think bringing touches of the outdoors in helps to signify spring. How do you prep your home for the new season?


2 thoughts on “Bring In Spring! Small Interior Touches

  1. I love plants in springtime. I just potted 15 herbs on my patio. City living means I can’t do a full vegetable garden like I dream about – but fresh herbs are my go to! Some are actually really pretty, like lavender. I’ve never grown it before but I picked some up this year. It looks almost like a succulent.

    1. That’s great that you’ll have fresh herbs all spring and summer! It’s amazing what you can do even with a small amount of space in the city. I dream about the day I can have a full on kitchen garden too. xoxo

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