Pollen Floral Design Derby Photo Shoot

Derby floral arrangements
Krissy Price’s apartment is an oasis. Stepping through the front door you’re immediately hit with the sweet fragrance of freshly blooming flowers. And it doesn’t hurt to be greeted by a cocktail as well!

Krissy Price
Krissy is the force behind recently launched Pollen Floral Design and she’s got an unbelievable knack for putting together an elegant but natural bouquet.  Her arrangements have an easy breezy, just picked from the garden kind of feel. She’s not afraid to mix blooms and try different combinations.

milk glass vase
For these arrangements she included peonies, ranunculus, and anemones to name a few. One of the special things about Pollen is that Krissy takes the time to suss out unique, and oftentimes antique vessels. Right now she’s loving milk glass and predicts that mercury glass will soon be in high demand.

the ladies
From left to right: Cambria, Krissy, Lauren

Krissy is joining forces with Lauren Wells of Lauren Wells Events and Cambria Grace of Cambria Grace Photography of to stage a Derby themed wedding shoot. And yes, there will be a horse involved! They filled me in on some of the creative touches the shoot will have, and I can’t wait to see the final results.

Derby florals
One thing that we already know for certain is that the flowers will be stunning! If you’re interested in seeing the many other floral photos not included in this post you can view the full album here.


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