Public Garden at Night: Photos by Ethan Barber

tree top

I’m so inspired by these images taken by photographer Ethan Barber in the Public Garden. {You may remember his photographs of Nemo featured here back in February!} The tulips in the Garden are overwhelmingly beautiful and just demand to be captured. I recently snapped some photos there in the early morning light, but Ethan’s photos reveal a more mysterious side of the park.

keep off the lawnstatue
His shots remind me of the quote from Midnight in Paris – “Paris in the morning is beautiful. Paris in the afternoon is charming. Paris in the evening is enchanting. But Paris at midnight, is magical.”

GWspectersleepingtulip gatetulip goneblossomsPwhite tulipsunder bridge

What do you think? Is Boston more enchanted at night? If you’d like to keep up with Ethan’s adventures you can follow his blog or keep up with him on instagram.


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