Wednesday Evening on the Esplanade with Boston Landmarks Orchestra

picnic on the Esplanade
No Wednesday night plans? My recommendation is to spend a summer evening listening to the Boston Landmarks Orchestra at the Hatch Shell. A frugalista at heart, I’m always looking for an inexpensive date night, and I think I’ve found one of my favorites! After stocking up on a mish- mash of hors d’oeuvres from Trader Joe’s (read: lots of brie), we set up by the Charles alongside fellow picnic-ers who had the same idea. Listening to beautiful music while snacking and chatting is the perfect way to enjoy the city and decompress from the work day.

picnic on the Charles
What’s your favorite summer night out in the city? Any good inexpensive suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Evening on the Esplanade with Boston Landmarks Orchestra

  1. Ohhh this sounds like an ideal night to me. Brie, picnic and relaxing music? Love it! New to your blog from the Boston Bloggers. If you see me at the Esplanade next week, I promise I’m not stalking 🙂

    1. Hey! I’m so glad you found your way over here. You 100% have to do a Wednesday night at the Esplanade. It makes for such a nice night in the city. I unfortunately was under the weather on Tuesday night – very sad to miss it but hope to see you at another event soon!

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