How to Enjoy the Outer Banks

sunrise in the Outer Banks
Run down to the beach just in time to catch the sunrise.

breakfast smoothie with chia
Make fresh fruit smoothies with chia at breakfast.

Outer Banks beach dunes
Hike through the dunes to set up camp for the day.

beach chairs
Claim your own section of beach and park it.

summer reading
Spend quality time catching up on books and magazines.

Outer Banks seashells
Hunter gather the best shells on the beach.

fresh tomatoes
Eat a dinner with lots and lots of fresh produce.

dinner on the grill
and take full advantage of the charcoal grill.

Repeat until relaxed.

Oh man did we need this past week. Vacation isn’t just nice, it’s necessary. It’s an incredible feeling to have no set schedule or anywhere to be. I almost never knew what time of day it was…and at one point I wasn’t sure of the day of the week. I went make-up free all vacation and had 100% salty un-brushable hair. Absolute heaven! I’m feeling totally refreshed and ready to tackle September. I hope you enjoyed the last week of August and Labor Day weekend. Are you ready for fall?


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