Get Creative: Christmas Lights as Home Decor

Christmas string lights
image source: Flickr

It’s that time of year when the holiday decorations box gets pulled out of the closet so I can start to sort through everything. Because we live in an apartment, our collection is modest, and decorations for all of the upcoming holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) all fit nicely into one box. This year, upon unpacking strands of Christmas lights I realized that I don’t necessarily have to wait until December to use them.

Christmas lights graphic I took to some of my favorite sites and blogs in search of creative ways to incorporate Christmas lights into everyday home decor, and have rounded up my favorites! It’s an inexpensive and super quick way to update any space. They’re an easy way to add soft light and a whimsical feel, and when done right they can be very elegant. White lights are a winter essential, but can really be used at any time of the year to liven up your home.

Christmas light decor
1.  2. apartment therapy 3. pinterest
4. Rock Paper Scissors Events  5. pinterest 6. pinterest

Generally it’s best to concentrate lights in one area or around one focal object (like wrapping them around the propped mirror in #5). Another option is to poke holes in a framed canvas to make a standing light-up art piece. My favorite by far is the light fixture made with clear empty wine bottles and rope lights – it may have to go on my DIY list! If you need to re-stock or replace your lights, now is a great time since it’s before the holidays really kick off. Currently is having a great September Sale with lights up to forty percent off. I haven’t seen lights out in stores yet (thankfully) so it’s easiest to have them shipped right to you.

For unique holiday decorating ideas with Christmas lights, I’ll refer you to my girl, Martha Stewart. Do you decorate with strings of lights throughout the year?


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