Fall DIY: Stamped Pumpkins

stamped pumpkin DIY
To celebrate the arrival of October, we’re featuring an incredibly easy (and somewhat sassy) fall DIY. Last year my friend Eileen, queen of crafts, decorated her apartment with small stamped pumpkins that were too adorable. She’s on today to show us how to make them for the upcoming season.

stamping pumpkins
You only need 3 things to make these cheeky decorations…

  • black ink/stamp pad
  • small letter stamps (you can find alphabet packs at Michael’s for less than $2)
  • small white pumpkins

pumpkins lined up
All you have to do is pick your phrases, carefully line up the stamps, avoiding the grooves, and stamp away! For our phrases we went with “omg, lol, twerk, wtf, boo!, and p&c,” but the options are endless!

Eileen Cain
October is one of my favorite months and I’m so happy to have these little guys lined up on the windowsill already. Have you already picked up fall decorations?


5 thoughts on “Fall DIY: Stamped Pumpkins

  1. Great cute idea! You can also used them as place cards with your ghostly guests names on them for your fall dinner seating arrangements. Or slice into the pumpkin “handle” part with the name and dress up the rest of the little pumpkin with accessories guests can take home … Use imagination ….endless possibilities

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