painted pumpkins
This Saturday was the Fall Pop-Up at the Fox Hole in South Boston and let me tell you, we had a blast! It was great to see so many friends stop by and to meet so many new ones. We were lucky to get such a beautiful October day. Here are the few photos I caught quickly before the event started. Keep your eyes on Cambria Grace Photography‘s blog, because she’ll have the official photos up soon!

fox boxesfall bouquets from boston pollenthe foxholepop & circumstance boothbuttonholes from Boston Pollenpieces by Workshopdrink menufall-pop-upHudson Bay Mugpainted pumpkinsfall pop-upFlask and FunnelWe all had such a good time that we’re already thinking about future events…so stay tuned. If you stopped by on Saturday – we can’t thank you enough!


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