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posh and prep
In my opinion there’s not much better than sending or receiving a thoughtful handwritten card. While I love the selection at places like PaperSource, I’m always on the hunt for cards that are totally different. And I think I hit a bullseye when I recently stumbled upon posh + prep!

posh + prep Valentine
Posh + prep was just launched in January by Julie Mancini. After years working in the corporate world, the mother of two decided to venture out on her own. I caught up with Julie about her new endeavor.

Q: what motivated you to launch your own business?

I’ve always been obsessed with paper and pretty things, so when my friends started getting married, I had so much fun helping design their wedding invitations and everything else that you need on the big day. Taking a couple years off from my corporate sales job after having children, I always knew this would be my next move. But thinking about it and doing it are two completely different things. I only launched it the beginning of this year, and I am tickled pink with the great opportunities that have popped up. Throw in my love for modern calligraphy and how it adds such a romantic feel to paper, its been so awesome to have a creative outlet and to be able to help glam up a wedding or event!
posh and prep business card
Q: how did you become interested in calligraphy & typography? & how did you learn?

For typography, I studied printing and design at Rochester Institute of Technology, and was blown away with all the resources and amazing people I met there. Each font has such a different mood and personality, and calligraphy is the same way– even more so because you are creating it yourself. I learned calligraphy from my mother when I was growing up, who used to make announcements and cards for her friends when they had babies. As a little girl I’d set up tea parties and make sure every stuffed animal and American Girl Doll had a place card in calligraphy. Place cards are still one of my favorite things to make– but who are we kidding… the tea has now {for the most part} been replaced with champagne.

posh + prep stalker card
Local Love: Market at the BCAE will be Julie’s very first selling event. Her cards are cute, cheeky, and super creative and you’ll be smitten. Come meet Julie in person and pick up a Valentine’s card on 2/9!

You can keep up with posh + prep here:
website || instagram || twitter


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