Shop Dreams

pot and pantry shopOnly a handful of people in my life know that my biggest dream is to have a shop of my own…but I decided it might be time to share. I have long envisioned the space (cozy but chic) with lots of curated nooks and beautiful decor and window displays. There are a number of big things that I need to check off the list before this dream becomes a reality, but I get a little bit closer every day. These are some of the images that inspire me and keep me working towards the goal:

stitch shopshop interiorDoughshop 6shop 8shop 7shop 9shop 10shop 11image 1 // image 2 // image 3 // image 4 // image 5 // image 6 // image 7 // image 8 // image 9 // image 10

What big dreams are you working towards daily?


5 thoughts on “Shop Dreams

  1. I did not know this little “secret.” I wish you all of the luck in the world. You would be prefect as a boutique owner…it totally fits your personality and style. And these photos are very inspirational. I’m working towards being able to write on a more permanent basis.

  2. I would love to have a little café with small shop. It might just be a pipedream. I also would like to become a full time blogger. That might be a little more manageable for now.

    I love the inspiration photos. They are all very welcoming and appealing. I would definitely frequent any of those shops/cafes.

    1. I think that there can never be too many cafes in the world! Full time blogger would be a pretty great gig as well 🙂 Thanks for the kind words Elaine & hope you had a nice Easter weekend!

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