2016 New Year’s Resolutions


If you know me, you know that I’m a crazy list maker and always have a set of goals in progress. I usually only share them with friends and family, but sometimes it’s helpful to share them more publicly to hold yourself accountable. I came up with 16 goals for 2016 — a few are boring financial goals (can’t help myself) and some are more personal. Cheers to making progress in the year to come!

1. Get back to drawing and painting. 
It’s been years since I’ve carved out time to draw (if we’re going to keep it real, I haven’t done anything more than sketch the occasional doodle in the past 6 years). Over the past few months the desire to sit down and draw has come roaring back. I’m looking forward to buying all new supplies at Michael’s and setting up a dedicated space in the apartment. The real challenge will be creating the time between work, play and everything else.

2. Blog at least 2x a month. 
Yikes! I’ve been a bit delinquent over the past two years. I’m ready to pour more energy back into this space and two posts a month seems like a manageable enough to meet. Look forward to hearing more from me here 🙂

3. Get into Switzerland shape.
2016 is already bringing some epic trips, including 10 days in Switzerland with my family. We’ll be doing lots of hiking and staying for several days in Wengen, which is a car-less town. That means lots of walking and high elevations. To be in shape for the trip we’re planning on at least 3 White Mountain hikes in the spring & summer! Can’t wait to be up in the clouds.

4. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate.
Doing something cool in Boston? You’ll probably be hearing from me in 2016. I’m so impressed by the number of amazing entrepreneurs in this city. From photographers, to florists, to shop owners – there are so many talented and driven people in Boston. This year I’m all about working on projects for the pure love of it.

5. Detox my beauty routine. 
Ever since I received a goody bag at the opening of Follain in Beacon Hill I’ve been a convert. Their products are PHENOMENAL, and best of all, free from harmful chemicals and toxins. I’ve started tossing my cleansers and make-up in favor of Follain products. By the end of 2016 my goal is to have every step of my routine to come from Follain. I believe in what they’re doing and encourage you to join me in taking the Safety Pledge.

6. Max out my Roth IRA at $5,500. 
This one always makes the Resolution list, because who doesn’t dream of retirement? It’s the best gift you can give your future self. I have $200 set-up to come out of every paycheck automatically. Easy as pie and can be accomplished without a second thought!

7. Take on a freelance client in the health and wellness sphere. 
As a social media specialist, I’ve had the pleasure of working with several wonderful freelance clients in the past 5 years. As a green juice drinker and marketing nerd, I’d be thrilled to help a juice shop, nutritionist or healthy brand build their business in 2016. Creating remarkable visual content and building online communities is what I live for (both in my full-time job and on the weekends!)

8. Adopt a puppy. 
Kyle and I still go back and fourth on what kind, but I think 2016 is the year. German Shepherd? Australian Shepherd? Husky? Portuguese Water Dog? Time will tell, but we’ll be keeping an eye out and hopefully the right fluff ball will come our way.

9. Maximize Summer weekends. 
Is there anything more precious than a summer weekend in New England? Kyle and I took lots of mini weekend trips in Summer 2015 and I’m looking forward to more excursions in 2016. In particular, I’m looking forward to venturing to Portland, Providence and Vermont. Living in Massachusetts we’re so lucky to be just a gas tank away from so many great spots.

10. Learn to make macarons from scratch. 
Kate from Domesticated Life listed this on her 30 Before 30 list and I loved it so much that I’m hijacking it. I’d love to conquer these little cookies and be able to make them at home whenever my heart desires. This one might require a Sur La Table class.

11. Fully fund our emergency account to $12,600. 
Boring, but important. I love how Capital One 360 lets you easily set and track goals so you can see your progress. Currently 39% of the way there!

12. Where there’s the option to walk or drive…always walk. 
Living near the city, it’s so easy to walk or take public transportation to get around. I walk and take the T to work during the week, but I’m definitely guilty of driving to errands on the weekend that are within walking distance. In the past year I’ve had some very bizarre knee problems and was diagnosed with pseudo-gout and arthritis in my right knee — and the more I move, the better it feels. I’m aiming to average 5 miles walking every day.

13. Donate blood regularly. 
Donating blood is such an easy thing to do that could make a big difference in someone’s life. After our honeymoon to the Dominican Republic, we weren’t allowed to donate for 6 months so I’m planning to make up for that this year and donate every 2 months.

14. Instagram takeover for a brand. 
In 2015 I was happy to do an IG takeover for Young Women in Digital and would love to do something similar for a larger brand in 2016.

15. Reduce the amount of waste we create this year. 
In the past year I came across and was very inspired by this article about Lauren Singer who has produced only one mason-jars worth of trash in two years. We’re planning to cut back on what we use by buying bulk and bringing our own reusable bags to the grocery store.

16. Pay off Kyle’s Student Loans. 
This might be the most exciting of all the goals on the list! We think long and hard about every penny that we bring in, and in 2015 a lot of those pennies went to Kyle’s student loans. Sometimes it’s sad to skip out on nights out or dinner with friends, but we made a ton of progress and 2016 will officially be the year we say goodbye to them. The plan is have them completely paid off by May 1, 2016.

I’d love to hear what you’re working on in 2016! Let me know what your goals for the New Year are below!

Want to chat more about goals? Email me at popandcircumstance@gmail.com.


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