Itinerary for a Day in Providence, Rhode Island

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The wonderful thing about living in New England is that there are SO many interesting places to visit that are just a short drive away. In high school I used to visit Providence all the time to hang out on College Hill (by the Brown University & RISD campuses), but never spent any time exploring downtown. Earlier in this spring Kyle and I headed to the city for a day trip with a list of a few locations to hit, and plenty of built in time for wandering. We found some new favorites spots and made a list of places to visit on our next trip!


The Shop in Providence

The Shop
460 Wickenden Street, Providence 02903 
To start your morning off on the right note, head first to The Shop in Fox Point for a cup of coffee, a latte, or a loose leaf tea. It’s a small and cozy space that’s beautifully decorated. Since seating can be hard to come by, take your cup to-go and walk along Wickenden Street to browse some of the unique shops in the area like NAVA, and Lore Collection. Or enjoy your coffee with you while you wait in line at…

(photo credit: @eastcoastfeastcoast) 


79 Ives Street, Providence 02906
On weekends you can spot PVDonuts from a mile away by the telltale line that wraps around the corner. Don’t be disheartened, their fluffy handmade donuts are more than worth the wait! PVD is know for their brioche yeasted donuts that are light and airy (but they make the old fashioned kind as well). Their ingredients are locally sourced and their creations are always unique. Past flavor offerings have included options like Cereal Milk, Maple Bacon, Butterscotch Crunch, and Strawberry Rhubarb. I also appreciate that their daily selection includes a variety of vegan donuts!


Tallulah's Taqueria
(photo credit: @chesnokblog

Tallulah’s Taqueria
146 Ives Street, Providence 02906
When you’re hungry for lunch, Tallulah’s Taqueria is a delicious option that’s also on the east side of Providence. Casual and affordable, it’s a taco lover’s heaven! We consider ourselves connoisseurs, and Talulah’s tacos rivaled everything we had earlier this year in Mexico. On a nice day you can relax on their outdoor patio and savor your meal along with an aqua fresca.

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 3.11.56 PM

Bayberry Beer Hall 
381 W. Fountain Street, Providence 02903
Bayberry Beer Hall is our absolute favorite Providence stop! It’s a spacious craft beer hall that’s inspired by traditional German Biergartens, but has a modern feel. There’s a great laid back community vibe and it seems like its a gathering place for locals. Kyle was a fan of their beer menu and they also offer wine and food. I had an incredible kombucha from a local brand, Luluna Kombucha. We can’t recommend Bayberry enough!

Riffraff bookstore & bar
(photo credit: @riffraffpvd

Riff Raff
60 Valley Street (Unit 107A), Providence 02909
In the late afternoon, Riff Raff is a nice spot to spend time book browsing. It’s a short drive or Uber ride outside of the city, which gives you the opportunity to see more of the area. It’s located in some reclaimed mill buildings and there’s a parking lot directly across the street. Part book shop and part bar, you can post up at a table or couch and enjoy a book with a beverage. The perfect combo!


The Dean Hotel
(photo credit: @maddie_simens

The Dean Hotel
122 Fountain Street, Providence 02903 
If you’re staying overnight in Providence, the Dean Hotel is my top recommendation. Every nook of the boutique hotel is thoughtfully designed, from the bold neon sign in the lobby to the phrase painted on the hotel exterior (the perfect place for an instagram shot!) And if you’re getting ready for a night out and need another caffeine boost, you can hit Bolt Coffee in the lobby.

We didn’t have time to stop everywhere we wanted, so when we go back we have the Roger Williams Botanical Garden, The Malted Barley, and the RISD Museum on our list. If you’re starting to make your summer list, be sure to include a day or weekend trip to Providence!


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