Favorite Light Fixtures of the Moment & the Importance of Lighting

favorite light fixtures
Our bedroom lit with a Finally 60 Watt light bulb in a Lamps Plus table lamp.

If you know me, you know I’m always on the hunt for beautiful home accessories, even if I’m not in the market right at that particular moment. I thoroughly enjoy browsing to see what’s available, and when I find pieces that I love I add them to my Pinterest board for the future. Personally, I think hunter-gathering over time helps you see what you’re repeatedly drawn to and helps you define your style. Then when the time is right, you have a whole selection ready to pick from!

From pendants, to sconces, to floor lamps, the lighting fixture you choose can have a big impact on a room. However, the factor that’s even more important (and sometimes overlooked) is the bulb that you pair with it. The quality of light given off is what builds ambience and determines the mood of a room. I was recently introduced to
Finally Light Bulbs, a company based here in Boston that makes light bulbs using Tesla technology. Their light bulbs give off the most beautiful light and they’re my new go-to! Keep reading to see five of my favorite light fixtures of the moment and to learn more about how Finally is changing the game when it comes to beautiful and sustainable lighting.

(photo credit: CB2)

1. Vega Indoor-Outdoor Brass Pendant light – from CB2

I’m a sucker for a gold accent and this pendant from designer Donna Piacenza is simple and striking. I could picture this hanging over a round marble table in a dining room or in a kitchen nook. The light also reminds me of the fixtures at one of my favorite places in the city – Tatte Back Bay, a local bakery. In the cafe, multiple pendants are hung around the perimeter, floating above cafe tables. They’re even more striking in multiples!

serena_and_lily_woven(photo credit: Serena and Lily)

2. Flynn Single Wall Sconce – from Serena & Lily

I love the beachy feeling that wicker can immediately bring to a room. In New England we fully embrace our coastal lifestyle and wicker is a fun design element to play with. With lighting, you’ll usually see it used on oversized pendants (like at one of my other favorite coffee spots, Seabird Coffee Co), so I was excited to see it incorporated in these smaller shades from Serena and Lily. The wicker wall lights look so sweet above individual twin beds. Can’t you just imagine a summer sleepover in this room? 

(photo credit: Schoolhouse Electric)

3. Donna Table Lamp Gold Anodized – from Schoolhouse Electric

Masters of all things mid-century, Schoolhouse Electric is known for their incredible quality. All of their pieces are designed, manufactured, and shipped from their Portland, Oregon factory, and their aim is to make heirloom pieces that can be passed through generations. I’m drawn to this adorable table lamp which is the perfect size for sitting on a small desk or tucked on a shelf. The lamp is based off of vintage Italian design and each one is made-to-order.

apparatus_cloud_light(photo credit: Apparatus)

4. Cloud – from Apparatus
While I have a hard time imaging where I’d install this cloud light in my current apartment, it’s always nice to dream about future homes! The cloud fixtures are beautifully whimsical and would make for a stunning statement piece. They come in three different sizes which have varying number of orbs. They almost look like an art installation that you’d come across in a museum. With their price tag, they’re definitely an investment piece, but most likely one that you’d cherish forever.

mid-century-overarching-floor-lamp_west_elm(photo credit: west elm)

5. Mid-Century Overarching Floor Lamp – from west elm

Who doesn’t dream of cozy nights on the couch with a good book? My husband and I share a love of reading and we spend plenty of nights (especially in the winter) curled up with books. This mid-century floor lamp from west elm looks like the perfect choice for just those nights. With a long neck and adjustable shade, you can ensure you have the perfect level of brightness for late night reading. Having just the right quality of light while reading is so important so you don’t strain your eyes, and I always aim to use a light bulb that evenly illuminates the page with bright light.

Our living room with Finally 60 Watt light bulb in a west elm floor lamp.

Remember earlier in the post when I mentioned how the quality of light can totally change the look and feel of a room? You might know my pain if you’ve used LED bulbs. I love them for their energy efficiency, but I’m not a fan of the cool bluish and fluorescent light that they give off. They can make your home feel more like a corporate office than a cozy dwelling.

Luckily, you can now have the best of both worlds thanks to
Finally! They’ve made an advanced bulb that’s energy efficient, long lasting, and gives off beautiful light. I’m blown away by the quality and how warm and cozy the house looks with their light bulbs! In addition to having 66% less harsh blue light than LEDS, these bulbs are also guaranteed to last FIFTEEN YEARS. This one simple switch will instantly beautify every room in your house, and as a bonus save you money in the long run. If you’d like to give them a try yourself, Finally is offering a special 25% off  their 60 Watt light bulbs for Pop & Circumstance readers! To take advantage, use code POPCIR25 at check-out.

No matter what type of fixtures you have in your home, the quality of the lighting can make all the difference. It’s so incredible that now there’s an option where beauty and sustainability go hand in hand.

Do you have any favorite fixtures of the moment? I’d love to hear in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Favorite Light Fixtures of the Moment & the Importance of Lighting

  1. We have had such a struggle to find the right light bulbs in our home! If you can believe it, my husband bought 6 different bulbs to try above our dining table when we hosted Thanksgiving because we don’t like the sterile look of most LED bulbs. Had never heard of these guys before, will have to check them out!

  2. I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of lamps for my living room for what seems like forever now. The two I currently have are mis-matched and I want a more cohesive look! If I could only find a gold accent table lamp similar to the CB2 one above… 😉

  3. Oooo I love all of these options! I’ve also been searching for some fun flush/semi-flush ceiling lights. I’ve got some old school dome ones in my current place and I’m looking to upgrade them. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

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