Thoughts on Enough


This post is a little different from my normal posts, but I jotted these thoughts down in a notebook and wanted to give them life in a more public place.

Enough is a beautiful place to live. No more than you need, and no less than you need. It’s the land of goldilocks where everything is just right. It’s the place where you’re most fulfilled and have maximum energy to dedicate to others and to pursuing your passions. When you’re not weighed down by stuff, you have more energy and time to focus on what you truly care about. “Enough” has become blurred by savvy marketing that tells us we need more and more external stuff to be our best selves…but it’s just not true. Everyone’s place of “enough” will look completely different, but you’ll know when you’ve arrived.

For us, we need to use-up and scale back to reach our point of enough, which is a goal for 2019. It’ll be a work in progress over the course of the year, but we’ll get there and it’ll be worth it.

To start on the path, I’m participating in a low-spend January and a no-spend February with a bunch of other wonderful bloggers including Amanda of Prim & Propah, Natalie of Wear Are You Now, and Danielle of A Sequined Life. It’s the second year that a group of us will be doing no-spend February and if you’re interested, I highly recommend you join in!


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