5 Items for a Sustainable 2019

For me, it’s really easy to start feeling overwhelmed by massive issues like climate change, plastic garbage islands floating in the ocean, and rainforest deforestation for palm oil. Instead of getting worked up I’ve found it’s more productive to focus on small actions that I can take daily and build upon over time. One of our goals is to create a more sustainable household and daily behaviors in the new year. Here are five of the things I’m investing in to help with the process:

(photo credit: @stojoco)

1 . Stojo Coffee Cup 

Say goodbye to paper cups! Stojo is an ingenious collapsible coffee cup that’s perfect for when you’re on the go. It’s made from silicone so it’s easily washable and comes in a range of colors from classic black, to pastels like rose and mint. The average American office worker uses 500 disposable paper cups every year, and Stojo can replace every single one of them. Fill your cup with morning coffee made at home or at your favorite local coffee shop.

(photo credit: @baggu

2 .  Baggu Reusable Grocery Bag 

Baggu is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made! It’s lightweight, super affordable at $10, and comes in a variety of cute patterns. I carry mine in my purse at all times and use it on a daily basis. It’s perfect for carrying groceries and other day-to-day purchases. If you live in Boston, now is the ideal time to purchase a Baggu since the city has just implemented a plastic bag ban in an effort to reduce plastic waste.

(photo credit: @say_no_to_waste_nz)

3 .  Culinary Herb Collection

I’m such a fan of keeping fresh herbs in the kitchen! Having a few pots of your favorites nearby makes it easy to add herbs to your recipes while you’re cooking. Additionally, you’ll save so much money not having to buy those small plastic containers of herbs from the grocery store. I like to keep basil, cilantro and rosemary on hand, and highly recommend this set of culinary seeds that includes 10 of the most popular herbs for cooking.

(photo credit: @shethinx)

4 .

When I heard about Thinx (period underwear) I was super skeptical and a little grossed out, but I’m glad that when a friend recommended them that I was open minded. I still have no idea how they work so well, but they do. Pick up 3 pairs and save yourself a lot of money in the long run, and the planet at the same time.

(photo credit: @alissapagels)

5 . Reusable Produce Bags

Pass on the flimsy green plastic bags in the produce section and bring your own instead! We got a set of these reusable eco bags about 6 months ago and it’s so satisfying to use them over and over. The fabric bags are sturdy and way more effective for holding the six pears and six apples that Kyle gets every week. After a few uses, just toss them in the washer and they’re like new again. Purchase these babies once and you’ll never have to purchase a set of bags ever again.

What do you do to cut down on your consumption? If you have unique ideas, I’d love to hear them so I can add them to my list!


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