Teacup Collection

fine china
I’m not quite sure where this full-on love affair with teacups came from…but it started about a year and a half ago. Whenever I’m out thrifting I keep my eyes open for pieces of china to add to the ever-expanding collection and have even gotten a couple of donations from friends & family (thanks Auntie Carole!)

mix patternsA teacup on it’s own looks just darling (I use two on my dresser to hold my rings), but when you start to mix and match different patterns and pieces the results are stunning. They’re dainty and fanciful and make for a beautiful table setting.

teacup collectionPersonally I’m drawn to pastel colored teacups with flowers or gold accents….but you really can’t go wrong.

fine chinaI’m dying to fulfill this motto – so next on the agenda is to plan a spring “tea” party and fill these babies with Prosecco! Finger sandwiches anyone?


7 thoughts on “Teacup Collection

  1. Beautiful! I want to start mixing matching mine and filling them with cute little jellys and mousse. I need to get a lot more teacups first but how pretty yours look really inspire me to look a lot harder!


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