Just Start…

just START

I had been contemplating a blog for several months. I had a name and a concept but I also had this looming hesitation. What would I write about? Would I have enough time to maintain it? The push I needed surprisingly came from Pinterest. I saw a beautifully simple print by Holly Casto of Holly Would Press that read “Just Start.” And that night I did. I snagged a wordpress domain, twitter, facebook, instagram, and (of course) Pinterest account, and started working. My advice to you in the new year is to order Holly’s print and hang it somewhere you can see it everyday….or just keep her mantra in mind. So often we get hung up on small stumbling blocks and end up overthinking things. Keep it simple and keep moving. If you’re making mistakes you’re doing something right.

Here are some other great quotes and words of wisdom via Pinterest to get you inspired on this Wednesday morning.

Judy GarlandFyodor DostoyevskyVincent Van Gogh
Aristotle  //  Judy Garland   //  Fyodor Dostoyevsky  //  Vincent Van Gogh

I’d love to hear what you’re New Year’s resolutions are for this year! Cheers to overcoming challenges in 2013!


3 thoughts on “Just Start…

  1. to only sweat the big stuff, tough workouts, passion, and the summer heat :] no small stuff here–i have to learn to let go and not care so much about things that i can’t control and aren’t worth it!

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