The second half of 2018

(photo credit: @bloguettes)  It’s July 1st, which means we’re 6 months into the new year! I always like to take this half way point to re-evaluate my goals for the new year to see what’s working, what isn’t, and to adjust or totally scrap if necessary. In life, my aim is to always be a … More The second half of 2018


Fearless Friday // #3

It’s easy to enter the real world and fall right into autopilot mode. (And when you have student loans you don’t always have much of a choice). BUT if you have goals, even reallllyyyyy long term ones….you’ll wake up every morning feeling energized and impassioned. All it takes is baby steps and someday you’ll get there. … More Fearless Friday // #3

Fearless Friday // #2

This week’s post isn’t just an inspirational quote or image….it’s Lauren Wells of Lauren Wells Events. Lauren is a good friend (and my wedding planner!) and I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with her on some incredible projects like the Fall Fox Hole Pop-Up and the Up Anniversary photo shoot. I’m featuring her here because … More Fearless Friday // #2

Thought for Thursday

This quote has stuck with me for quite some time. I keep coming back to it and I wanted to share it. I have to be honest I feel the pull more and more every day. Just keep taking baby steps. Right?

Just Start…

I had been contemplating a blog for several months. I had a name and a concept but I also had this looming hesitation. What would I write about? Would I have enough time to maintain it? The push I needed surprisingly came from Pinterest. I saw a beautifully simple print by Holly Casto of Holly … More Just Start…