Fearless Friday // #2

Lauren Wells of Lauren Wells Events
This week’s post isn’t just an inspirational quote or image….it’s Lauren Wells of Lauren Wells Events.

Lauren is a good friend (and my wedding planner!) and I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with her on some incredible projects like the Fall Fox Hole Pop-Up and the Up Anniversary photo shoot. I’m featuring her here because a week ago today, Lauren left her job in the corporate world to pursue her own business full time. Her brave leap is the kind of thing a lot of us dream about and it’s something to be applauded! Lauren says “I’m looking forward to being able to dedicate my time 100% to what I am most passionate about, having flexibility and movement in my schedule….and to seeing the sunlight from Monday – Friday.” 🙂

Her mantra heading into this adventure? “If you work really hard and are kind, amazing things will happen.”

I can imagine that a move to entrepreneurship would be nerve wracking but incredibly energizing and I’m so excited for Lauren. You can keep up with Lauren’s adventures on her business blog hereKeep your eye on her because she’s going to do big things. 


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