Scenes of New Year’s Eve!

New Year's moose
Last night we welcomed in the New Year with friends at an apartment decorated to the nines. Every nook of the apartment was filled with NYE flair and confetti. From gold spray painted animal figurines, champagne jello shots and a homemade photo booth, not a single detail was overlooked.

New Year's entryway
This kicked off the first year of a new tradition we’re calling SIS (Sleepover in Somerville). In addition to the party hats and horns that were provided, Margo and Eileen included a toothbrush for everyone who attended!

champagne jello shots & photo booth
The ultimate hostess duo, Margo and Eileen are total crafters, incredible cooks and super enthusiastic about everything they do. The first time I met both ladies was at their house party and I remember thinking “these are my people!” Every time I set foot in their place it feels like Pinterest come to life.

stocked bar
A well stocked bar was set up in the guest bedroom and drinks were flowing the whole night. I hope your evening was just as plentiful and sparkly. Cheers to 2013!

{I regret not snapping a photo of the hostesses, but there was so much fun to be had that it totally slipped my mind. Expect to see a full home tour of their place on the blog this spring!}


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