New Year’s Eve Hostess Gift

mini champagne bottles
The older I get, the more appealing a New Year’s Eve staying in becomes. I think a night spent in with good friends, good food and plenty of champagne easily tops a night of trekking around a frozen city in heels. This year I’ll be having the ideal celebration thanks to three friends who stepped up and offered to host the party at their beautiful home.

hostess gifts
I think it’s a lot to ask to host a group of friends on one of the most drunken celebrations of the year and really appreciate that Margo, Eileen & Katie are sweet enough to allow the crew of us to party and stay over.

gift tags
To show my gratitude each of the ladies is getting a mini bottle of champagne complete with straw to kick off the night! If you’re headed out to a house party tonight this is an easy host or hostess gift to give. If you are the host tonight, my hat’s off to you!

Have a safe and happy New Year. Bring on 2013.


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