Foxfire Lodge: Log Cabin

A cabin in the woods
Spending time with family is what the holidays are all about, but we also love our time spent with family friends. We have one tradition in particular, with our closest family friends, the Fowlers, that we always look forward to over Christmas break.

Foxfire Lodge
Each year we bundle in our coats and head out to Foxfire Lodge, their one-room log cabin. This year lanterns and a bright moon lit our path on a crisp night. The wood stove in the cabin was already burning and  Foxfire was extra cozy. Comfortably settled in the cabin we had drinks and passed around plates of cheese and crackers.

Foxfire interior
Every detail about the cabin is perfectly eclectic, quirky, and laid back. The Fowlers share our affinity for all things thrift and salvage, and the interior of Foxfire looks like a page taken right from an “I Spy” book. Dwight saved the sailboat print from the transfer station and Nate won the lobster trap at a church auction – and found that it made the perfect coffee table.

Nate Fowler
If you’re head over heels in love with Foxfire like I am you’ll be even more impressed when you find out that Nathan Fowler (above) hand-built the cabin using trees from their property….in HIGH SCHOOL! Nate (like my father) is one of those people who can build absolutely anything he can envision. Below are some of the pictures from the building process.

working on FoxfireWe are so thankful for such great friends like the Fowlers who let us share in such a fun holiday tradition! I can promise that you’ll be seeing more of Nate’s unbelievable projects highlighted on the blog!


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