Christmas Table Centerpiece

holiday centerpiece
Everyone in my immediate family is crafty in their own way and we’re always working on small projects here and there. Oftentimes one of us will get struck with a vision that we can’t let go of. This holiday season my mother was looking to create a very particular centerpiece. She was imaging a simple wooden box with rough wood filled with greenery for the dining room table – and thinking of a box she had seen at Brimfield. Luckily for her my dad can make just about anything you can dream up!

calm and brightHe happened to have wooden beams from a 200 year old New England house in his shop just waiting for the right project and was able to custom create exactly the piece my mom was hoping for. She filled the box with sprigs of pine, princess pine, spruce and pinecones and added two small lanterns.

Christmas centerpiece

This centerpiece is the perfect size for our four person table but can’t you just image a longer version of one of these centerpieces running the length of a giant table? Now if we could only get my dad to work on my laundry list of projects… I have hope for the New Year!


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