Young Women in Digital: Speed Meet & Tweet

Young Women in Digital

Ladies, get your business cards ready and join in Young Women in Digital‘s first event this Tuesday, February 19 at Cafeteria Boston. This isn’t your typical event, it’s a “speed meet and tweet.” Founders, Melanie Cohn, Nicole Troelstrup, and Na Eun Park are looking to shake up networking events. I always leave events having made a few great connections, but feeling a little disappointed that I didn’t get to chat with every person in the room. The YWD ladies feel the same way and have come up with a solution! At this event you’ll get to chat with each attendee for 3-4 minutes. I love this concept and am really looking forward to tomorrow night.

Anyone who works in digital, experiential, or social online marketing (or is interested in these fields) is welcome to attend. There are only 4 tickets remaining so hop on to Event Brite ASAP to claim one. Hope to see you there!


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