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19th Amendment
Having worked with {recently launched} Wicked Peacock, I have a newfound understanding of the unbelievable sacrifice and commitment it takes to launch a company. The entrepreneurial lifestyle demands a never-ending hustle and takes a certain personality. Lucky for us, ideas, innovation and new business ventures seem to be erupting from Boston. One that’s on the way is 19th Amendment!

19th Amendment Studio
I connected with the company’s co-founders, Gemma Sole and Amanda Curtis at the Young Women in Digital event back in February and was thrilled when they invited me to check out their studio. I think work spaces are just as intriguing as living spaces – in a way that’s more creatively chaotic and less buttoned up.

Amanda Curtis
19th Amendment has a great space on Stanhope Street where Amanda works on her designs (in addition to being an entrepreneur, she’s also a fashion designer). The space houses her sketches, current projects, sewing equipment and an epic vision board.

19th Amendment work space
Amanda says, “I draw my inspiration from the energy of the city. My favorite thing to do is to walk around whatever city I’m in and take in all the inspiration of my surroundings. Cities are alive with energy, architecture, and people.  Stepping outside of the studio an into the thick of it revives me if I’m ever lacking the drive to create.”

vision board
And it certainly doesn’t hurt that she’s got a great space to return to. I’m expecting great things to come from 19th Amendment and suggest you request a free invite so you’ll be the first to know!

19th Amendment is an interactive discovery platform and portfolio tool for fashion designers to showcase their work while empowering consumers (i.e. Amenders) to critique, vote, and purchase exclusive designs. Designers create Virtual Studios to showcase their work, brand, and inspiration. Amenders visit the Virtual Studios to discover, support, and purchase pieces from their favorite designers!


5 thoughts on “Studio Tour with 19th Amendment

  1. Wow, what a great space. Becky – I am loving your blog! It’s filled with so much creativity. I’ve decided to nominate you for a small blogger award – the Liebster Award (i’ve posted details on my blog today). Looking forward to reading your responses.

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