Tom Dixon Copper Shades at Scampo Boston

Scampo Boston
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This is just a quick post which is a little bit different for me – but this was such a fun coincidence that I just have to share it with you.

On Monday morning I wrote about copper accents as a trend for spring and highlighted Tom Dixon’s copper shade as an example. On the same day I was very excited to attend my first Boston Bloggers meet-up at Scampo Boston in the Liberty Hotel. Walking into the restaurant my heart just about stopped when I saw the same pendants I wrote about surrounding the bar. I love serendipitous little moments like these and I’m so thrilled I got to see the lamps in person! I’ll definitely be going back to the bar at Scampo to ogle these copper pendants some more (and hitting up more great Boston Blogger events as well!)


9 thoughts on “Tom Dixon Copper Shades at Scampo Boston

  1. Hi, I’m an interior designer and I’ve been a Tom Dixon fan for quite some time now. I love the way how he creates such simple yet innovative and designful pieces. I recently discovered a Portuguese furniture brand that fits perfectly with some of his projects… Boca do Lobo, have your ever heard about it ? Check out this lovely table…

    What do you think about it ? Placing it under Tom’s Copper Shades would be a perfect matchup! I’m thinking about using it on my next project. Keep up with those useful posts! Congrats on the blog, btw !

    1. Hi Chris – it’s hard not to be a fan of Tom Dixon! His shade and the Boca do Lobo table paired together would be quite the statement! The table is a beautiful piece – thanks for sharing & also for reading!

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