Mini Hiatus

Boston Marathon
Wow there is A LOT going on in April. Happily, everything that’s happening is fantastic! My boyfriend Kyle will be running the 2013 Boston Marathon in less than a week. His parents are flying in tomorrow and staying for a few days — and the What’s Your Beef fundraiser is right around the corner. In order to put my full energy into the event and being a supportive cheerleader, P&C is going to take a week long break.

I hope your April is filled with wonderful things. I promise I’ll be back soon with some beautiful photos from What’s Your Beef!



4 thoughts on “Mini Hiatus

    1. Thank you so much for your well wishes. I’m incredibly grateful that Kyle crossed the finish line about a half an hour before the explosions — and that his parents who were watching at the finish line had already left. Please continue to pray for Boston!

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