Pray for Boston

Boston Marathon
I think I’m still having a hard time processing what happen yesterday. The Boston Marathon is one of Boston’s most beautiful and pure sporting events. Families, friends, college students along the route all come out to cheer on runners. We had a perfect spring day yesterday and everyone was out in support. It was my boyfriend Kyle’s first marathon and I was nervous and excited for him and SO incredibly proud seeing him come up Heartbreak Hill looking strong. He took a quick second to high five my parents and give me a quick kiss on the sideline.

Heartbreak Hill
As soon as he passed us we made our way quickly back to the T and headed back into the heart of the city. I’m incredibly thankful that Kyle ran so fast and was one of the runners who was actually able to cross the finish line (the event was halted after). His parents had been watching in the stands at the Finish Line and left the area about a half an hour before the explosions. It was a chaotic and emotional day and I’m so heartbroken for Boston. But I’m proud too. The first responders on the scene are true heros and the organization and coordination after the explosions was truly incredible.

Kyle and I are choosing to focus on the joy and the good that has come out of the marathon. He was able to raise over $4900 for the Boston Bruins Foundation which fosters health and well being, academic success, self-esteem, and physical fitness for children. His First Giving donation page is still live if you’re interested in contributing. If you live in Boston or the surrounding areas please consider donating blood this week. Due to the generosity of donors yesterday the Red Cross currently has enough blood on the shelves to meet demand but will surely need more in the coming days. As other ways to contribute come to light I will share them here. Please continue to send your prayers to Boston.

UPDATE: A friend’s co-worker and her daughter were injured in yesterday’s blast. Unfortunately Celeste has lost both of her legs below the knee. Please consider making a donation if you are able.

The Mayor & Governor have set up The One Fund to streamline donations to the victims. This is a safe way to donate as scam donations sites seem to be popping up.


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