Summer 100 Submissions

summer 100 submissions
How much juice can you squeeze out of one summer? I’m on a mission to find out and making a checklist of  100 “to do” essentials. I’m almost to 90 and I want to include YOU! I’ll be featuring 10 of my favorite picks from readers. If chosen, you’ll get a shout out (and a link to your blog if you have one).

You know me, and of course I have a lot in the categories of “thrifting, antiquing, and yard sale-ing” but I could definitely use more items that have to do with fitness, fashion, and food. I want to hear — what’s on your list!?

summer 2013
To submit just comment below or tweet @popcircumstance and don’t forget to use the hashtag #Summer100. I encourage you to start thinking about your own summer list and to make your own, whether it’s a summer50, summer25, or even a summer10. What do you want out of Summer 2013? The official Summer 100 list will be going live on Monday, June 3rd so keep your eyes peeled!


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