Peonies from the Garden

favorite blooms
I’ve never met a flower I didn’t like, but my favorite by far is the fluffy ruffly peony. Each year it’s so nice to watch them bloom in my mom’s garden. She keeps adding plants and is now up to seven different varieties.

white peony
The white peony is originally from a farm in Heath, MA where my grandmother grew up. It moved with her in the mid 50’s and was transplanted at her new home in Charlemont. My mom brought it to Kingston in the mid 80’s where it thrives every spring. Needless to say it’s one of our favorites.

peony plants
It always passes quickly, but we were able to catch the plants in bloom this year. The second from the left (pink and yellow) is a purchase from the Boston Flower & Garden Show in March. The herbaceous peony came from Peony’s Envy in New Jersey, and I suggest you check out their site if you’re looking for more inspiration. Someday my mom and I hope to take a trip there during peak bloom week (this week for those of you who are in the NJ area!)

Do you have a favorite flower?


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