Bathroom Blue & White

bathroom blue and white
Back at Christmas my mom gave me a lovely little Marianella for J. Crew body bar as a stocking stuffer. While adorable, it was $14 a bar and I thought the price was ridiculous. Not wanting to use it immediately, I let it sit on my bathroom shelf for the past few months.

Marianella for J Crew

Each day the little blue and white striped packaging grows on me more and more. The color combo is so refreshing and became the theme for this style board. It’s amazing how the addition of blue and white, especially stripes, immediately makes the space feel cleaner and more organized. When we move from an apartment into a house the bathroom will most definitely be decked out in blue & white!
blue and white

1. Straw Patterned Bamboo Towel
2. Marimekko Navy Shower Curtain
3. Pad Printed Ikat Bowl
4. Striped Turkish Bath Towel
5. Hand-Painted Dotted Plate
6. Marianella for J. Crew Face and Body Bar


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