H. Bloom Comes to Boston

HR Bloom bouquets
Exciting news! As of today, H. Bloom offers their services in Boston and they’re here to simplify gift giving. With the click of a button you can schedule orders for bouquets and other high end gifts. Their “flower subscriptions” allow customers and businesses to schedule ongoing deliveries with different frequency options. I especially like their “hero” option where you can pre-order flowers for 3 different set dates throughout the year. It’s a great way to have bouquets lined up for for every occasion (birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s).

Tatte and LA Burdick
H. Bloom will be partnering with L.A. Burdick and Tatte to offer other (sweet) gift options like gourmet chocolate and Tatte’s infamous cookies and tarts. I would be thrilled to receive  a box of oh-so-cute chocolate mice along with their June bouquet of peonies!

Let’s give them a warm welcome to Boston.


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