Eventbrite Blogger Re-Cap

Eventbrite Boston
I wanted to take the time to do a quick re-cap of my experience as a blogger for Eventbrite. For me, being selected came at the perfect time. I was in a bit of a creative slump (or maybe it was a creative hangover after so many hours of crafting for What’s Your Beef).

Being selected as an Eventbrite blogger helped get me back into the blogging groove and spurred lots of ideas for other posts. With the partnership I had the freedom pick 5 events that interested me, and ended up discovering fantastic new places (and people!) around the city. Here’s what I got to attend during my events tour:

Eventbrite events
One of my favorite parts of the process was getting to know EB’s Marketing Manager and Events Guru, Sara Steele-Rogers. We attended several events together and I also got to attend a few events that she planned and orchestrated. Eventbrite is a fabulous resource and one that I’ll be checking on a weekly basis from now on. There’s an event for everyone and there are LOTS of exciting things happening right now in Boston. Get out there!

Coming up I’m interested in checking out all the new classes at Relish: Center for Urban Agriculture (especially the Backyard Chickens class!)


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