Maine Antique Scene

Antique shopping in Maine
I’m happy to report that quite a few vintage finds came home with me this past weekend! On our road trip through Maine we hit up some great antique stores and treasure-filled barns. On Thursday night we stayed in Camden with a friend and had some luck at the Antique Mall there (awesome wooden signs!) In Bangor I found a few goodies on my birthday at the Antique Marketplace & Cafe. They happened to have 100+ booths AND a cafe….there’s nothing quite like the smell of bacon while you’re hunting for vintage finds! On the way home my favorite stop was Cattail Farm Antiques in Wells. Their selection was more curated than most of the marketplaces we’d been in the rest of the weekend.

It was an adventure and I loved the idea that each town we stop in might hold something amazing. Do you shop vintage?

P.S. Kyle is the most patient person I know! Thanks for putting up with my insanity ❤


7 thoughts on “Maine Antique Scene

  1. I haven’t found enough good antique stores in the ATL – probably because they are all up in North Georgia. But we do have quite a few Salvation Army and Goodwill stores in the city! So if that’s what you mean by “vintage” – then Yes! I shop vintage quite frequently!! Have found some great treasures amidst the rubble there. But your pics do make me long for a real antiquing trip…

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