Co-Working Spaces with Style

We Work Seaport
My good friend Eileen Cotter, blogger over at CrookedFlight, recently got a workspace for Elance Boston at the newly opened Boston WeWork and is here to give us an inside look! 

The WeWork office is located in Fort Point just steps from the harbor and right in the middle of all the exciting tech innovation happening in this ‘hood. Individuals and teams from bigger corporations to solo contractors rub shoulders there when they reserve their own office or desk. Seemingly all industries and personalities are represented, making for a fast-paced and thrilling place to work. The fabulous WeWork staff and fellow members often throw exclusive parties and events featuring craft cocktails, free workshops and lunches. Did I mention there’s complimentary coffee and a beer keg on every floor? You can also always grab a bite to eat across the street at Blue Dragon, or head two streets over for a cocktail at Drink.

Obviously though, the biggest draw is the space itself.

We Work Fort PointWe Work space
I’m in love with the space. Colors are left ambiguous so it all feels homey no matter what your taste. Lots of muted yellows, greys, browns, rust reds and more, splashed with the occasion pop of a bold color. Designers have worked diligently to make it all look comfortable, cozy — but not too lounge-like where you’d be tempted to nap and not be productive.

We Work decorWeWork wallpaperWeWork artworkWeWork space
Games & Goodies

I’m a hands on girl. When I get into a new environment I really appreciate when things aren’t stuffy. The WeWork floors have lots of interactive features. Downstairs there are new and retro games to break out – and a Jenga game has been known to make its way into the conference rooms. It’s easy to appreciate the hand-picked wallpaper, artwork, and furniture on each level. There are a number of pop culture references and the occasional cheeky motivational phrase can be found.

WeWork detailWeWork Dugout
The “Dugout”

Although people tend to gravitate towards the lobby for lunch breaks and socializing, the real fun begins at the basement level. WeWork has converted this underground sanctuary into something pretty unique for 9-to-5ers to enjoy. Old school arcade games whirl alongside a ping pong and foosball table (which prompt plenty of friendly banter from WeWork members). A big screen TV shows whatever game is on at the moment and pays homage to some of Boston’s greats via wall and art decor.

Anyone is welcome to call up WeWork Fort Point for a free tour to see the space. There’s also an office closer to South Station as well that’s just as snazzy but with a different layout. Events are sometimes open to the public as well, so keep updated by following the @WeWorkBOS twitter feed!


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