The Grand Re-Opening of Michaels

Michael's Grand Re Opening
Typically I wouldn’t describe myself as a shopaholic, but all bets are off when I step into a Michaels (Kyle can attest to this). I make pilgrimages almost weekly to the Porter Square or Braintree store and always come away with more than I intended to buy.

I’m already in love with Michaels, but all of their Boston area stores are about to get even BETTER! After lots of customer feedback, several Massachusetts stores are being revamped. This week I was invited to sneak a peek at the new look of the Michaels in Saugus…and I can assure you that good things are on the way.

Michaels stores rebrand
A group of bloggers from across the state gathered for a little bit of crafting, socializing, and a tour of the newly revamped store. We were treated to a make-your-own Italian soda bar, a craft project where we made a paper collage of the Boston city skyline, and then we took a whirl around the space (and did a little shopping).

Michaels re-brand
We learned that when thinking about changes and upgrades, Michaels started at square one by going directly to their customer. Their shoppers told them they wanted a more open layout with additional room to browse, brighter and more colorful displays, and consistency….and Michaels has delivered! The updated space is much easier to navigate and less cluttered.

In addition to sharper displays and more colorful graphics, they’ve also increased their seasonal offerings and bulked up their value section (!!!)

Michaels home decor
The development that I was most excited about is the new section dedicated to home decor. It’s incredibly affordable and right on trend. I thought these chalkboard label containers were especially cute and could be perfect for the kitchen or a craft room.

Michaels home decor
To celebrate the new look and new offerings all of the Boston area Michaels stores having Grand Re-Opening ceremonies with ribbon cuttings at 9:45 am this Sunday, May 4th. Each store will be giving away over $1000 in gift cards. I highly suggest a trip so you can experience the new vibe for yourself!

Michaels new website
If you can’t make it (or don’t live in the Boston area) you can also now shop many of their products online. I’m really liking the new look of the site and the “Get Inspired” section is super helpful.

If you check out one of the newly redone stores I’d love to hear what you think!


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