Handmade Holidays in Whole Foods Magazine

Whole Foods Magazine
If you pick up a Whole Foods Magazine in any Mid-Atlantic store this holiday season you can catch me talking about handmade for the holidays. In the holiday issue I share a super simple DIY centerpiece that anyone can tackle. The project requires just 5 items:

  • 365 Everyday Value organic peeled tomatoes can
  • Ribbons of your choice
  • Hot glue gun
  • Rosemary plant
  • extra potting soilRosemary Centerpiece step by step

    1. Clean the empty tomato can and peel off the label. Use the back of a spoon to carefully press any sharp edges down to the wall of the can.

    2. Cut two strips of ribbon, one can-width and one narrower to cover the tomato can. Using one burlap-style ribbon makes for a homespun feel.

    3. Use the hot glue gun to secure the ribbons in place around the can with a dab of glue, lining up the seams of both ribbons.

    4. Place the rosemary plant inside the tomato can and add potting soil as needed. The soil line should be 1 inch below the top of the can.

    And voila! You’ve got a festive piece of decor that you can use to adorn your dining table or side table. The other bonus is that the rosemary will smell amazing and add to the festive environment. Happy entertaining!
    potted rosemary centerpiece




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