First Year Anniversary

Cape Cod
This past weekend we celebrated our first year of marriage in Wellfleet, MA! We had a really sweet bare bones airbnb with everything we needed…and nothing we didn’t (which is what I love about the Cape). On Cape Cod there are so many simple stripped down homes – no insulation and nothing over the top. You don’t need much in the way of amenities because everything you need for a great time is just outside the door. There’s nothing better than spending full days in the sunshine and salt water.

The weather put on a show for the last weekend of August. It was 80+ degrees every day of our mini vacation and we spent a lot time floating in the ocean and relaxing.

Over the weekend we celebrated with…

* Emack and Bolio cones at A Nice Cream Shop
* Dinner at Winslow’s Tavern
* A picnic at Newcomb Hollow Beach with takeout subs and a bottle of 90+ Cellars prosecco
* Lots of swimming and lounging in the sun (I tore through “The Girl on the Train“)
* A heavenly “Utopian” cocktail (Cape chai, fresh coconut and rum) at the Fleetian
* Amazing acai bowls from BOL – our new obsession

Wellfleet was the perfect place to kick back and just enjoy each other’s company and to reminisce about the past year. We had a wonderful first year and I’m looking forward to the other adventures we’ll have in the coming one!


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