Top Kitchen design trends from 2015

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2015 has been a great year for kitchen design, and many trends that have been featured in the past year are set to continue as 2015 comes to an end and we welcome 2016. If you want to install a completely new kitchen, or just upgrade some of your current features, it’s a good idea to look at the kitchen design trends that have have been happening in 2015 and are still with us today.

Whether you’re seeing inspiration for kitchen cabinets in Huntington Beach, or any other part of the country, you should check out our list of trends.

The popularity of wood
Of course, wood is a perennial favorite for use when creating kitchen cabinets, but 2015 saw the introduction of even more varieties of wood stain and grain. Ironically, an old favorite, oak, has been especially popular in kitchen designs throughout 2015 and this trend seems set to continue.

Other favorites in the wood department this year have been tones reflecting the gray of driftwood. Maple has also sustained the popularity it has seen over recent years. Many urbanites have opted for cherry to compliment warm shades of metal including copper and bronze.

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The minimalist look
Reflecting the need to be lean and clean in the fast paced modern environment, 2015 has been a year of great interest in the minimalist kitchen look. The with white is that, assuming you pay it some attention, it is always going to give your kitchen a fresh and vital look. It also enhances the sense of space in your kitchen. If you’re opting for all-white design then remember to pair it with classic clean edges.

The beauty of bronze
We mentioned earlier that bronze has become a go-to color for kitchen furnishings during 2015. Obviously, many people still opt for stainless steel, but oil-rubbed bronze has definitely stolen the march. Using bronze for items such as faucets and cabinet handles gives a warm glow to any room but still maintains a current vibe.

Classic and affordable
Many people are still feeling the pinch in their pocket. This means they are choosing to stick with affordable but classic veneers and laminates. They want to obtain a fresh look without having to spend every time, or put themselves in debt to do it. This may sound a little strange in an article about trends but opting for long-lasting materials and designs is becoming something of a trend itself. There is a trend for designing a kitchen that is trend proof.

We have taken you through what has been happening in 2015. All of these trends look set to continue well into the coming months. Overall, many of the traditional materials such as oak and brass have some to the fore. There is also an overwhelming feeling that people are looking for ways to create a kitchen that will remain current for several years in order to save them further investment.

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