Vacation in Croatia & Dubrovnik Recommendations

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Kyle and I have been fortunate to travel to many different countries, and because we’re adventurous, we generally like to try a new country each trip we take. Only a very special place will make us want to visit more than once, and Croatia is just that. After a week-long stay with stops in Dubrovnik and Orebić, I can say with certainty that we’ll be returning.

Our week started in Dubrovnik (aka King’s Landing for Game of Thrones fans), and it’s an absolutely stunning walled city, almost fully constructed of stone. Old Town, which is right on the coast, is strikingly beautiful. We rented an Airbnb about a 20 minute walk away from the center of the city. Our rental was up on the hill so we got a good workout in everyday! The apartment had everything we needed including a veranda shaded by grape leaves and surrounded by lavender and rose plants. The best part? It cost about 450 Kuna a night, which is about $65 a night!


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Every morning we’d enjoy breakfast outside on the patio and then walk down the many many steps for a coffee at Cogito, and then start the day. Two of our favorite experiences were walking the walls and daily swims. The Ancient City Walls are a touristy experience for sure, but it’s a must-do if you’re in Dubrovnik. It’s the only way to see the incredible view of Old Town from above. It’s surreal to look out over the reddish brown rooftops and out to the seemingly endless Adriatic. Pro tip: The walls open at 8:00AM and it’s well worth it to wake up early and get there upon opening. They get very crowded by 10:00AM (when cruise ships typically arrive), and going early will ensure that you’ll have more room to yourself and can go at your own pace.

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If I’m near any body of water, I’m happiest when I’m in it! Luckily you can jump right off of the rocks in Old Town, so it pays to keep a bathing suit in your bag at all times. The deep green blue of the water is different than anything I’ve seen before, and it’s crystal clear. We had a blast swimming, floating, and chatting it up with fellow travelers. *You have to be careful of sea urchins, but generally the water was deep enough there to avoid them.

Is Dubrovnik on your travel list? Here’s what I suggest:

Recommendations for Dubrovnik:

  • Enjoy a cold brew coffee at Cogito Coffee.

  • Recreate Cersei Lannister’s walk of shame on the Jesuit Steps outside of Gundulic Square.
  • Pay a visit to KAWA and support local Croatian artisans and makers. Kyle loved the craft beer selection and I was psyched to find delicious vegan gelato from Gelato D’Oro.


  • Dine on the harbor at Lokanda Peskarija. Yes, a little touristy, but the seafood is to die for and it’s magical to sit under the bistro lights looking out at the harbor and the rest of the city, all lit up.


  • Jump off the rocks and spend quality time floating in the Adriatic.
  • Walk the walls for the best view of Old Town.
  • Treat yourself to a special dinner at Sesame Restaurant. The dishes and service are exceptional and female chef-owner Maria Zibert offers a high level of Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of French influence. Open air dining on the second level makes for a pretty view and has the feel of a chic French bistro. It’s white tablecloth, but still affordable – our multi-course dinner for two came to about $100.

    If you’re planning a trip to Dubrovnik and have questions to ask, please feel free to leave them in the comments section! I’d be happy to give additional feedback and recommendations.

    We’re currently headed up the Dalmatian Coast and headed for Orebić, and welcome any suggestions if you’ve been! 


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