Wedding Details

Let’s plan extravagant parties all year, every year, shall we? My life has recently been consumed with wedding planning. Now with a lot of the bigger items checked off the list it’s time to get to the fun part….the details! These are the small touches that make my heart beat a little faster.

5 Hot Rug Trends (and Rug Buying Tips!)

Hi all! I’m Shelby Hill, the associate editor over at, the internet’s largest furniture store. As a fellow Bostonian and home decorating enthusiast, I’m thrilled to be talking interior design with you all on Pop & Circumstance. Beginning a decorating project can be overwhelming, but I believe you should always start with the color scheme. Then once … More 5 Hot Rug Trends (and Rug Buying Tips!)

Fall Picnic Styling

In my recent search for inspiring fall images for my Autumn Days Pinterest board (yes, I’m an addict), I came across the photos styled by designer Emma Reddington. From the bird book and binoculars to the cutting board and old school thermoses – she nailed it. There’s so much to look at in the scene … More Fall Picnic Styling

Get Creative: Christmas Lights as Home Decor

It’s that time of year when the holiday decorations box gets pulled out of the closet so I can start to sort through everything. Because we live in an apartment, our collection is modest, and decorations for all of the upcoming holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) all fit nicely into one box. This year, upon … More Get Creative: Christmas Lights as Home Decor